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Which comes first, music or choreography?

Deal with hyperactive cheerleaders on your squad

When one of your cheerleaders is extremely hyperactive and disruptive in class you may find it helpful to get the parents involved. Many times the parents know some little "tricks" that will help you motivate your cheerleader and keep them on task and stay focused. The beCalm'd product website is a good resource on natural ways to increase focus.


Wierd Skin Fungus is more common than you may think.

If one of your cheerleaders appears to have a wierd skin infection, do not allow them to continue practicing. It is quite possible that it may be ringworm (tinea), a highly contageous skin fungus that spreads by simple touch. Fortunately it can be easily trated and dealt with. Avoid infecting your entire squad and sent the cheerleader home. For more ringworm information you may want to visit .


Healthy Diets and coaching your kids

As a cheerleading coach, you should be able to educate the kids on your cheerleading squad about healthy diets and the dangers of certain weight loss plans. As a coach yourself you should strive to set a good example with your healthy lifestyle. You may want to learn about the various weight loss diet plans. Some coaches have lost a ton of weight with a gastric bypass pill called Zetacap

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