To cheer or not to cheer? Avoid it if possible

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Should I include a cheer in my routine?

To cheer or not to cheer? Avoid it if possible

Cheers are old school. If you are a high school or recreation league cheerleading squad, then you are normally required to do a cheer in your routine. It is a fact that when a team starts the cheer portion of their routine, the energy of the routine drops off tremendously. Try to keep your cheer upbeat and exciting to minimize this effect. Do not put a cheer or chant into your routine unless you are required to do so. If you can put a beat behind your cheer it will increase the energy of the routine.



7/26/2007 9:13:59 AM
Kimberly said:

Now-A-Days People Are Required to do cheers and I'm not exactly sure what you mean, because it's called CHEERleading, so you should do a cheer. Is there any way you can clear up what you mean?

9/30/2007 4:32:17 AM
cierra said:

booo cheerleading (thats just my opinion!)

6/22/2009 9:32:52 PM
old school said:

If there is no more cheering in cheer compitition, then why is it still called cheerleading? It's just dancing, stunts, and gymnastics. This is ironic, if you ask me.


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