Clean routine is the key to success

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What should I focus on for an upcoming cheerleading competition?

Clean routine is the key to success

Judges want to see clean, creative, well-executed routines. It is far more important to nail your routine than to attempt harder skills that you execute poorly. If you cannot hit it 9 times out of ten in practice, do not bring it to competition. The judges will have a field day with you. Don't give them any areas to take deductions.



6/27/2007 5:22:37 PM
Laci Moreland said:

Well all routines can be clean but you have to have those that really want to do it and love it or other words you'll have a floppy sloppy routine and we all want to win nationals.....

11/8/2007 5:01:56 AM
quin said:

i think that this is very right they will always test you with your moves. If they are not tight they will make sure they mark you down majorly


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