Why your cheerleading uniforms matter.

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How important is the first impression for the judges?

Why your cheerleading uniforms matter.

First impressions at cheerleading competitions are important to judges. Before your squad even begins their routine the judges have sized your team up! How does your uniforms look? If they look like they are from the 1940´s the judges have already "pre-judged" your team solely on appearance. Visit 1-Cheerleading.com for tips on choosing a cheerleading uniform company.



10/4/2006 12:30:47 PM
Kathy said:

As a ex-cheerleader and now a cheerleadeing coach and cheerleading judge. Yes we do look at apeerances but we dont pre-judge. We see if they look sloppy or if they don't. Yes it would be very weird to have a team with just diffrent clthoes on the have macthing unifroms franckly i think your a bitch.


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