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What features should I look for in a cheerleading shoe?

Finger grooves important feature for cheerleading shoes

Kaepa has patented finger grooves and scalloped arch and rear finger notch for added stunt control. This feature is perhaps one of the best reasons to buy Kaepa cheerleading shoes. If you have ever based a flyer with Kaepa cheerleading shoes I think you would see this as a huge benefit.

What Cheerleading shoe is the best?

Cheerleading Shoes - Guru Top Pick

My Guru pick for cheerleading shoes for the 2004-2005 season is the Kaepa Ultralyte. I picked this shoe because it is lightweight, weighing pnly 6.9 oz. and durable. It also has all of the patented Kaepa features like finger grooves, and apx cushioning with helps absorb shock in tumbling skills.

What us an easy exchange system for cheerleading shoes?

Easy exchange system for cheer shoe exchanges

Buy cheerleading shoes from a company that has an easy exchange system so that you can easily exchange shoes that do not fit.

Should I get a cheerleading shoe that has mesh in it?

Get easy - to- clean cheerleading shoes

Get cheerleading shoes that are easy to clean. Stay away from shoes with "mesh" uppers. They are hard to keep clean. You want to look your best at competition!

How important is low price guarantees for cheerleading shoe purchases?

Low price guarantee for cheerleading shoes

Buy cheer shoes from a company with the lowest price guarantee.

What company should I buy my cheerleading shoes from?

Not all cheerleading shoes are created equal

Buy a true cheerleading shoe. It is typically not a good idea to buy a non-technical cheerleading shoe. Many mega large shoe companies have their own line of cheerleading shoes that are simply slight modifications to a shoe that they have already designed. You want a shoe that is totally built for cheerleading. I recommend Kaepa shoes because I believe they are the very best "technical" cheerleading shoe on the market.

Should I avoid indoor only cheerleading shoes?

Avoid Indoor only cheerleading shoes

Some cheerleading shoes are made for indoor only. Make sure you check to see the durability of the cheerleading shoe that you are sonsidering.

How much should a good cheerleading shoe weigh?

Don't buy heavy cheerleading shoes

Make sure you look into the weight of the cheerleading shoes that you are considering. Bulky or heavy shoes can effect tumbling and stunt performance. I would try to get a shoe that is under 7.0 ounces.

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