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Should I have a custom voice over for my cheerleading music mix?

Get a Custom Voice Over

Having a custom voice-over of your team name included over top of your cheerleading music shows that your cheer music has been professionally mixed and gives your routine a personal touch. A good cheerleading music service will provide this for free. I do!

What software do you use to mix your cheerleading music?

How to Mix your Own Cheerleading Music

If you are going to attempt mixing your own cheerleading music mix, use a loop based software program like Acid Pro 4.0. This is the program that all of the professional cheerleading mixers are using. You will also need another piece of software to cut your samples with before you import them into Acid Pro 4.0. Unless you are computer savvy, have tons of time on your hands and are willing to train yourself for a couple of years, I would use the services of a professional cheerleading music mixer. You can visit my site by clicking the link below.

How long should any given song be used in my cheerleading music mix?

Song length in cheerleading music mixes

DO NOT use any one song for more than 6 eight counts in the routine. I would normally use a remix of a song between 3-6 eight counts.

Should I use sound effects in my cheerleading music?

Using Sound Effects

Use sound effects in your cheerleading music mix selectively. It sounds really weird to have a ton of sound effects happening that do not match your choreography. It screams to the judges, "we ripped off someone else's music!" A well placed sound effect when a stunt, jump or pyramid is hitting makes your music really "pop" and add great energy.

What songs should I use for my cheerleading routine?

Avoid Overplayed Songs for your Cheer Routine

Avoid overplayed songs for your cheerleading music mix that you know every team will have in their routine at competition. Put yourself in the judges position. By the time they have heard "toxic" 5 times in a row they are ready to beat their heads against a wall. Be creative, but be fresh with the songs you pick. Let a professional produce your cheer music mix. The cheerleading-music-mix website mixes musoc for squads all over the country at affordable fees!

How important is energy in a cheerleading routine?

Cheer routines are all about the energy

Cheerleading routines are all about energy. Make sure your music has energy. There is a huge difference between the speed of a song and its energy. A professional cheerleading music mixer can take a normally boring song and re-mix it into something that will add energy to your cheerleading routine.

What does it mean to have a routine with good "flow"?

Flow of cheerleading music important

The songs that you use in your cheerleading music mix should flow together with smooth transitions. There should be not weird abrupt transitions from one song/section to another. Your "eight counts" should match up perfectly. If you cannot count music, you should not attempt to make a cheerleading music mix.

Should I use a pre-made Cheerleading music CD?

Don't Buy Cheerleading Music CDs

DO NOT buy cheerleading music cds and use them for your cheerleading music routine. This is very lazy and you will probably have the same cheerleading music as another team at competition. You want to separate your team from the crowd with unique music.

What style of music should I use in my cheerleading routine?

Style of music is important

Style is a factor when choosing a professional cheerleading music mix service. Mixing music is an art and each person will have their own unique style when they mix their cheerleading music. My style has a fresh, up-to-date, hip-hop, in-your-face kind of feel to it. Someone else's style may be more 80's, or broadway. I do not like to use "old" stuff. It just does not excite me except for rare occaisions. Make sure the service provides you with free samples so that you can hear theur style and determine if it is compatable.

How fast should my cheerleading music be?

Your Cheerleading Music speed and tempo

When mixing your cheerleading music, never use songs at their normal speed. Try to use a cheerleading music mix that is between 138 beats per minute (bpm) and 145 bpm. This will make for an upbeat, high energy routine that will not put the judges and the crowd to sleep. You can listen to free sample cheerleading music mixes by clicking the link below.

Can I have a theme for my cheerleading music mix?

Themes in cheerleading music

Themes in cheerleading music are tough to make work effectively. Unless you can make the theme of your music very clear, do not attempt to do a theme. In order to achieve this you will have to get every piece of your music to line up with this theme and that will require a purely custom made cheerleading music mix. It also forces you to find wierd songs that you normally would not use in a cheerleading music mix.

Should I use a professional cheerleading music mix service?

Using a Cheerleading Music Mix Service

Use a professional cheerleading music mix service because you need to focus on choreography. The hours that you spend trying to save a buck will back-fire when you could have spent that time perfescting your routine. Choreography is the foundation and the key to your team's success at cheerleading competitions. It does not matter how talented your squad is or how awesome your cheerleading music is if your choreography stinks. does high-energy cheer mixes for teams all over the country. See their link below!

Should I avoid using a tape recorder to mix my cheerleading music?

Tape recorders and Cheer Mixes don't Mix well

DO NOT use a tape recorder to mix your music. It will come out with awful abrupt transitions. You will be outclassed and embarrassed by your competition.

Should I include a cheer in my routine?

To cheer or not to cheer? Avoid it if possible

Cheers are old school. If you are a high school or recreation league cheerleading squad, then you are normally required to do a cheer in your routine. It is a fact that when a team starts the cheer portion of their routine, the energy of the routine drops off tremendously. Try to keep your cheer upbeat and exciting to minimize this effect. Do not put a cheer or chant into your routine unless you are required to do so. If you can put a beat behind your cheer it will increase the energy of the routine.

Can I choose all of my own songs?

Choose Your Own Songs for your cheerleading music

At you have the option of choosing particular songs that will go into your mix. If you do not specifically add songs, we will pick all of the songs that will go into your cheerleading music mix. If there are songs that you want inlcuded into the mix all you have to do is "add a song" ($50 per song) and we will include up to 6-8 counts of the song in a remixed form.

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