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What should I focus on for an upcoming cheerleading competition?

Clean routine is the key to success

Judges want to see clean, creative, well-executed routines. It is far more important to nail your routine than to attempt harder skills that you execute poorly. If you cannot hit it 9 times out of ten in practice, do not bring it to competition. The judges will have a field day with you. Don't give them any areas to take deductions.

Should I use a professional cheerleading music mix service?

Music at Cheerleading Competitions

When preparing to take your cheerleading team to competition you should get your music done professionally. The judges can easily tell the differnce between a home-grown cheerleading mix and a professional custom mix. By getting a professional to do your music you will save time, allowing you to focus on more important areas. You can now get an original routine done for your squad for less than $5 per cheerleader! See the link to the website below.

how should I use my warm-up time at cheerleading competitions?

Use warm up wisely at cheerleading competition

When at cheerleading competition, use your warm-up wisely. Make sure your team is focused on the task at hand and not on other teams.

Should I bring back up copies of my cheerleading music?

Bring Music Back-Ups

When you go to a cheer competition make sure you have at least two CDs of your music burned on two different brands of CDs. Sometimes certain CD players cannot read certain CD-Rs. Never, ever burn your music onto a CD-RW. Bring a tape back-up in case the CD player crashes. Never bring only a tape of your music. many cheerleading competition companies don't even offer tape decks. Plus, you look like your are still in the stone ages if you are using a tape.

What is "level-play" and should I go to a level-play competition?

Go to a "Level-Play" Cheerleading Competition

Go to a "level-play" cheer competition in order to level the playing field. The term "level-play" refers to the fact that a cheerleading competition company is offering divisions based on skill level. Normally these divisions are broken down by novice, intermediate, advanced, and elite. Each competition company will have guidelines as to what you are allowed to do in each division.

How should I choose a cheerleading competition to attend?

Choosing a Cheerleading competition

When choosing cheerleading competitions look past gimmicks and sales pitches. Many cheerleading competition companies are now offering free admission to the general public. To offset this loss in revenue they increase the entry fee for each participant. Find out what is included in each cheerleader's entry fee. Many cheerleading companies include event t-shirts and gifts with your entry fee.

Should I bring my brand new cheerleading team to nationals?

Go to "Nationals" cheerleading competitons

Go to a national cheerleading competition. If you are a new cheerleading team I would recommend going to a smaller national competition. You cheerleading team may have a much greater change to win at a newer cheerleading nationals event rather that one of the mega huge national competitions.

How do I choose the division to enter at cheerleading competitions?

Enter the right division at cheer competitions

When you take your team to a cheerleading competition, make sure you enter the division that gives them the best opportunity to win. You should be able to maximize each skill section on the division guidelines before you attempt to enter the next highest division. For example, if your team is entering the intermediate division and you are allowed to do tucks, but you only have 10% of your cheerleading squad doing tucks, then you should not enter the advanced division just because your have one or two kids throwing fulls.

Should I attend an event because it has a spring floor?

Go to spring floor cheerleading competitions

Go to cheerleading competitions that have spring floors. Spring floors are safer and are much easier on your cheerleaders joints and muscles.

What is the most important factors for success at cheer competitions?

Choreography is King at cheer competitions

Choreography is the foundation to success when entering cheerleading competitions. Many coaches attempt to do their own choreography. No matter how talented the cheerleaders you have, if your choreography is poor, you will not do well in competition. Make sure your choreography is creative, visual, flows well, and maximizes the division you are entering. If you are interested in professional choreography, I can refer you to some of the best in the industry. email me @

How important is the first impression for the judges?

Why your cheerleading uniforms matter.

First impressions at cheerleading competitions are important to judges. Before your squad even begins their routine the judges have sized your team up! How does your uniforms look? If they look like they are from the 1940´s the judges have already "pre-judged" your team solely on appearance. Visit for tips on choosing a cheerleading uniform company.

How come every cheerleading competition has differerent rules?

Cheerleading Competiton Trend - Streamlining Rules

This year (2005-2006) the USASF and NACCC had merged forces and have released the new levels. Visit for tips on how to choose which level to enter your cheer squad for cheerleading competition. Make sure you study the levels now! This will make you a much smarter coach when it comes time to start choreography and deciding which level to enter into.

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