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How loud should I be when doing cheerleading cheers?

Project your voice loudly when doing Cheerleading Cheers

Don't "sing" you cheerleading cheer or chant. Project your voice loudly, but don't scream or squeak.

What is important for cheerleading cheers?

Enthusiasm and Energy Important for Cheerleading Cheers

When doing cheerleading cheers or chants always stay very enthusiasthic and energetic. "Hit" your motions very tight and keep a big smile on your face. There is no such thing as a tired cheerleader. Staying pumped up will win the crowd and the judges.

Should I do a crowd response in my cheerleading cheer routine?

Avoid crowd response in routines

If you have to do a cheerleading cheer in your competition routine, you may want to avoid a crowd response. Crowd responses may lose the energy of your routine unless you are in a small venue with a lot of your own fans.

Should I use poms in my cheerleading cheer at competition?

Avoid Poms at competition for cheerleading cheer

Avoid the use of pom-pons in the cheerleading cheer portion of your routine. Generally speaking, pom-pons are very "old-school". The use of poms wil not impress the judges or score extra points in most venues. Poms create problems when used in a routine because cheerleaders can never get them totally off of the mat and then they become a distraction or a safety violation.

Should I do an "all-music" routine without a cheerleading cheer?

Do an all-music routine without a cheer if possible

Do an all music routine if you are allowed to. Having to do a cheerleading cheer in the middle of your routine will drop the energy of the routine. If you still want to incorporate a cheer into the routine, cheer over a lower volume beat. Keep this type of cheer limited to two to three eight counts.

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